YSL THE SHOCK: the best mascara I’ve ever tried

Hello loves! I’ve recently discovered a mascara that I literally fell in love with…

I was pretty happy with the mascara I’ve been using till now and I thought my lashes couldn’t look any better.
But THEN I’ve tried this new YSL mascara and it was just incredible! I was like “Really?? Can MY lashes look that full and that black after applying just one layer of mascara??”

See, my lashes are almost colorless and lack of volume… I’ve made this no-makeup pic to show you how my lashes look wothout any mascara:

As you see I really need a good product as I wasn’t blessed with full black lashes. And when I first applied the YSL THE SHOCK mascara the effect was really SHOCKING for me: with just one layer it gave me more volume than my usual mascara ever did with 2 or 3 layers… I normally had to combine two different types of mascara if I wanted to obtain lashes this full for special occasions… I’ve made this pic with no eyeliner and no eyeshadow, with only YSL THE SHOCK mascara apllied, just to let you see the difference it makes:

Now imagine how good it looks with all the makeup on and after curling the lashes. I normally use some black eyeliner, and some nude eyeshadow at times, and I just LOVE how my lashes look now!

And what’s your favourite mascara?

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