What you can still grab on sale

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to post this a while ago, but it’s better late than never, right?

This outfit received lots of likes on instagram, and you can still find most of the articles on sale (most of them are not available online anymore, but you can still see them in some stores, so here is the list:

First of all this cute and warm Benetton jacket is still available online in different colors here.

As for the sweater, it’s not available online anymore, but some stores still have them, so you might want to take advantage of these last days of sales 🙂 It’s in 1oo% wool and is available in different colors (if you follow me on instagram you have probably noticed I also have it in turquese color).

My beautiful (and comfortable!) booties are from Deichmann, I don’t see them online anymore, but some sizes can be still found in stores. I don’t buy Deichmann shoes often, but these booties have stolen my heart, especially for how comfortable the heels are.

My jeans are from Tally Weijl, and if you follow me you probably know that I just ADORE Tally Weijl denim, it’s affordable and it fits so well!

I’m not sure you will still be able to buy this cute Zara bag, it went sold out at the very beginning of the sales, but if you are lucky enough you might find it at your local Zara store. I will certainly continue using it this spring.

And that’s all for today lovelies, I apologise for not having posted this earlier while all the products were still available online, and I promise you to keep you up to date in the future :* :* :*

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